Team Building – Poke Fun At Yourself At Work!

Recently, in a search we were retained to conduct, the President told me about a company-wide meeting he held where he asked everyone, “what’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done at work?”
He said that there were some very surprising revelations from others, many of which made everyone laugh.
His was that he “quit” at that meeting (we’d already been retained to search out his replacement as he was retiring).
So, at your next department or company meeting, ask the participants to share something about themselves that no one at work probably knows…you go first. Here’s mine; being of Austrian heritage, my parents thought I should become an accomplished accordion player. After eight grueling years I gave it up for a car and a girlfriend. While I was traveling last weekend with my wife, we ran across an accordion at an antique shop similar to the one I played in my youth…hence the picture on the right of my “new” acquisition. So, now you all know something about me. I’d be happy to hear about something interesting about you…feel free to message me! Wolf Gugler at his finest…

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