Employee Workplace Survey Results

A recent employee survey we conducted among our readership leads to interesting results!

Question: Employees in our organization willingly accept change.
• 60% agree
• 20% disagree
• 20% strongly disagree.
Seems as if many are change resistant…but read on.
Question: Employees are willing to take on new tasks as needed.
Answer: 100% agree! (Frankly I’m surprised at this one, based on the response to question one).

Question: Employees will help out others when the need arises.
• 80% agree
• 20% disagree.
There will always be the few that only care to complete their own workload…perhaps you need to help them see and understand the organization’s big picture.

Question: Employees proactively identify future challenges and opportunities.
Answer: Mixed!
• 40% agree
• 20% strongly agree
• 20% disagree
• 20% strongly disagree
-Sounds as if there’s too much “go with the flow” in general.

Question: Employees here keep going when the going gets tough.
Answer: 80% agree, 20% disagree. This is a positive note for sure!
Question: Employees here adapt to tough situations.
• 40% agree
• 40% are neutral (neither agree nor disagree)
• 20% strongly disagree

Is YOUR team tough enough? What can you do to change this? Call us at (888)848-3006 to discuss an addition or upgrade to your bench strength.
We’ll have six more questions and answers next month.

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