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How are we different from other outplacement services?

  • We can offer you one-on-one or virtual outplacement services, in addition to group job search seminars.
  • We have professional, enthusiastic and educated staff who are current with all developments in the outplacement field. They’re located in Oklahoma and Toronto, Canada.
  • Commitment to Quality: using current job search strategies, techniques, and practices, we competitively position your departing employees for success in reentering the workforce.
  • Our staff continuously participates in online training programs to upgrade their skills.

iStock_000007010912_ExtraSmallHumane Approach
We are in the business of helping people who are undergoing a potentially traumatic time in their career. We’ll help them focus on identifying their strengths and marketing their skill set to potential employers.

We offer free and confidential employer consultations at your company location or offsite. During our meeting, we will discuss cost-effective outplacement options; both one-on-one and virtual services are available.

We’ll make it happen expeditiously, at an affordable cost and offer the flexibility of various packages.

Displaced employees will receive professional, courteous service, care and attention whether through in-person or virtual outplacement services.

Need more information? Call us at 888-848-3006 or email

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