Dance Your Way To Employee Engagement

If you really want to motivate your team, you might consider sacrificing your pride and showing off your singing and/or dancing abilities (or lack of in my case). The overall benefits from five minutes of silliness include stress reduction, physical activity, camaraderie and general office mood improvement.

The idea from this article stems from my wife Linn, who’s a career air force civilian working hard for the government in an open office environment.
She came across an online video of some others partaking in five minutes of “office madness” a week and decided she’d ask a few others in her work pod if they’d like to try it. She was pleased that most said yes, so she downloaded a few songs on her iPhone and it took off from there. Now everyone in her area (and some others that have seen the fun they have) join her on Friday mornings to shake it to the tune of Celebrate (Kool & The Gang), Me Whip (NaeNae), Uptown Funk (Bruno), YMCA (Village People) and others. Their mood and team spirit is a beneficiary as a result of this.
A network of HR and recruiting professionals were asked what song they would perform to incentivize their team to hit a goal, and there was a clear winner; nearly 60 percent of respondents said Taylor Swift’s single Shake It Off was their song of choice. Other top picks included Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, and Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World.
Although any time of the day is ok, it seems that most do it in the early morning to start the day off right.
If everyone’s on board, have someone record it and upload it on YouTube. You’d be surprised at how many people enjoy their 15 seconds of fame in a case like this. If you were a customer of a company that did this, wouldn’t you enjoy dealing with a supplier that has happy and engaged employees?
Blinds.com is a prime example of this. Aside from using YouTube to post product installation how-to videos, they’ve uploaded numerous office dance songs and lip synch contests. Watch their office crew dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller; you’ll immediately get a flavor of the benefits behind this.
Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, Deloitte among others have tried this. What have you got to lose? Try it!


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