Company Profile

Company Profile

We provide talent recruitment and assessment resources to retailers, suppliers and distributors throughout Canada, the US and the Caribbean.

iStock_000008302477_ExtraSmallPlanning to become or wishing to remain category or industry dominant?  People are undoubtedly your strongest asset.  Talent recruitment, development and retention is a constant challenge for all corporations determined to survive and succeed. Success today depends on how you manage and adapt to change which demands the best key staff hires as well as ensuring that all new hires fit your culture, mission and objectives.

We will work with you, investing the necessary time to understand  and fulfill your talent recruitment needs and focus on the practical bottom-line objectives you require from each employee. First, we listen to your vision and human resources needs and then execute our executive recruitment efforts focusing on talent research while identifying and evaluating the right mix of skills, ambition and experience compatible with your hiring needs. With our extensive North American recruitment and selection expertise, Wolf Gugler Executive Search provides a solid return on your human capital investment.

Oklahoma Hardware

Oklahoma Hardware


We begin with an in-depth consultation with you to develop a detailed profile of your compant, its current environment, and proposed direction. Once approved by you, this will ensure a mutual understanding of the position requirements and success criteria which is documented and confirmed with you prior to executing the search.

The recruitment process will involve:

  • Comprehensive research of target industries and/or companies and a thorough and exhaustive search of the market being targeted;
  • Augmentating the search with our sophisticated applicant tracking system and our extensive contacts in related categories and associations who can refer talented performers in their fields;
  • Extensive candidate research and recruitment using all social media avenues;
  • Evaluating each pre-qualified candidate against both your experience and soft skills requirements;
  • Thorough reference verification on the finalist candidates prior to an offer being extended;
  • Ongoing contact and developmental assistance follow-up during the first year of your new employee’s career.

Our Credentials

Our reputation for professional, discreet executive search has been built by the combined many years of experience our staff possesses. We can provide many testimonials from satisified clients in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

We will stand behind your selection with a one year guarantee, far exceeding most in our industry. We stand behind our work!

Need further information? Please contact us at 888-848-3006 or via  e-mail. Discretion is assured.

Here’s One Recommendation:

“Wolf has established himself as the “go to” recruitment guy in North America’s retail home improvement industry. He’s just really good at what he does. He understands the executive search function, understands how companies need to find good people, and understands how to assess the strengths and weaknesses in an individual to create an ideal recruitment fit.”

Retainer based Client-centered Executive Search and Talent Selection Services


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