Surviving the Micro Manager

Face it, micromanagers can’t be fixed, don’t often change, and usually you have two choices; find out how to deal with them or leave. If you want to try and endure the situation, think about these steps.

  • Find out what their agenda is. Everyone has one, whether they admit it or not. If you determine what it is, that should assist you in working with, not against them.
  • A micromanage is frustrated by an employee that doesn’t communicate their progress. Be proactive and ensure they receive ongoing feedback from you regarding progress and timeliness.
  • Micromanagers change their goals and expectations of others and make goal accomplishments a moving target. Ensure you clarify your project goals via an email paper trail so as to cover your butt.
  • Be a copycat. Watch the micromanager’s interaction with others who are successful in working with him/her and emulate their practices.
  • Play by the rules. Micromanagers often catch others “in the act”, so do what you should be doing by the book. Avoid joke emails, off-color comments and anthing else you can be taken to task over.
  • What if you read this and think, “oh my, I’m the micromanager!” Seek out 360 degree feedback from others including peers, superiors and most of all subordinates…and take the information gleaned to heart.
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