What Retailers Want

It’s kind of like that Mel Gibson movie, What Women Want. Through an accident, he’s got the ability to hear what it is women are saying around him and react accordingly. Too bad it’s not that easy for Vendors to understand what it is that may endear them to Retailers. So, we spoke with a number of retail professionals to get their take on how a Vendor can make themselves indispensable:

  • When a vendor first approaches you, what is that makes or breaks their opportunity to become a regular service partner to you?
  • Would you provide an example by name of a good supplier that’s done this?
  • No names mentioned, how about a wanna-be supplier that shot themselves in the foot?
  • How does a vendor wanting to replace a current supplier succeed at that?
  • Does size matter, so to speak, e.g. dealing with a recognized name vs. an upstart?
  • What sets one vendor apart from another in the same category?
  • Any particular categories that really interest you now? How about in areas outside of traditional home improvement items?
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