Business Disaster Planning

WG volunteered in the EM field for six years, learned how little businesses prepare for large scale business interruptions

Three steps; preparedness, response and recovery

  • Define type of disaster. Of course, currently it’s H1N1 or
  • Earthquakes
  • Fires or Explosions
  • Hazardous substance releases
  • Extended power/utility outages
  • Floods, now tornadoes?
  • Mass casualty events
  1. Appoint an Emergency Coordinator (in WG’ LEPC experience, often H&S Rep)
  2. Evacuation of handicapped/disabled persons
  3. Data backups offsite and conducted automatically regularly
  4. Supplies and equipment, eg fire suppression, bottled water, batteries, flashlights
  5. Line up and arrange reciprocal supply arrangements with alternate suppliers so you don’t leave your customers high and dry
  6. Sign-in sheet to account for all on-site personnel ASAP
  7. Mass casualty events/logistics that follow
  8. Alternate location to carry on business
  9. Communication to staff, customers, and vendors re: situation updates. Appoint a PIO.
  10. EXERCISE various scenarios and critique, and exercise again
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